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How Much Will This Service Cost Me?

Our fee is done on a commission basis.  It includes all advertising (online, print & flyers) setting up and conducting sale.  An average sale  can cost 35-50% of the sales totals, but varies depending on how much labor is involved in cleaning out the home.  

Why have an Estate or Moving Sale?

Liquidating an estate can be complicated, confusing and stressful. Often you are dealing with the passing of a loved one, downsizing or moving.  Our company can minimize the stress and maximize your proceeds by sorting thru everything for you (placing personal items in a safe place), doing the research for pricing everything, staging and advertising.   

How Long Does It Take?

Sorting, setting up and pricing can usually be done within 2 weeks or less, depending upon the size and complexity of the estate.  The actual sale takes between 2 and 3 days normally.  

Should I Go Thru Everything & Clean Out "Junk" Before Your Company Arrives?

We ask that you only throw away expired food, remove good food items and liquor.  We have the experience to know what is and isn't "Junk".  Usually there are hidden treasures even in your "Junk" drawer. 

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