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Cindy has been buying and selling antiques since 2005 and working in antique malls since 2007.  She then opened up an Antique Mall in Quincy, called Everything & the Kitchen Sink and quickly realized people needed another option to help liquidate their home's contents.  People would say that they had just inherited their parent's home and did not know who or where to call?  They wanted something more personal than an auction.

A year later we started doing Estate and Moving Sales for people.  After 4 more years we decided business was growing so much that we closed our Antique Mall to open up Sales by Cindy.  

We employ and utilize many local experts to help in pricing our items and also belong to a nationwide group of over 500 Estate Liquidators to help in identification, valuation, and problem solving.   

Why Choose an Estate Sale


Buyers come on into home during sales hours and buy what they want without waiting to bid.  All items are priced, very few boxed lots.


We do not charge for advertising expenses.  No fees to sort thru everything.   

 Sales hours are longer and over a 2 or 3 day sale more buyers can attend. 

If your home is for sale, this can mean more potential home buyers coming through. 

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